3D Printing Service

My 3D printer is sitting idle most of the time so I’m now offering 3D printing services for local Sacramento clients and abroad. This is great for Architectures, Mechanical Engineers, CADers, etc. Through hours and hours of printing, I’ve refined and perfected the technique in printing stl files on the the Form 1+.  Get a free quote on your next project. Feel free to check out the link below for details on where and how to get your 3D items printed.

Click Here for 3D Printing Service


All printed items are soaked in Isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes and then put into a UV light cabinet for about 2 hours.  The printed part will come with the base and support.  Buyer will have to detach the item from it’s support.  All post processing done by buyer.

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  1. Please get in contact with me ide like to touch base with you on a upcoming project im doing …thanx and hope to hear from you soon

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