Acura NSX

Here’s a glimpse of my 1992 Acura NSX converted to 2002 look. It’s a great awesome car to own and drive. The rarity of this car makes it worth owning even after 20 years. I also want to add that it’s timeless design still looks hot in today’s automotive market. Although my car is not for sale… for the right price it could be yours.

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17 thoughts on “Acura NSX”

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    Check it out.


  2. Great photo work…nice car. Are the bumpers and body extensions factory or aftermarket fiberglass? Thanks Doug 415 777 9739

  3. Thanks Doug. I do it for fun. The bumpers are by downforce. FRP. Let me know if insterested. Cars for sale.

  4. Beautiful images of your NSX. Perfect lighting for the reflective black surface. Shooting sheet metal is always tricky to get it perfect. I am interested in talking with you regarding the purchase of the car. I have a couple questions regarding the conversions.
    Hope to hear back from you when you have a free moment.

  5. Hi Paul, If u dojn’t mind give me a call., we can discuss more regards to ur car. 9165440534.. Thx

  6. Steve. The car and engine has 50k miles on it. The horsepower stayed the same because its factory stock.

  7. Nsx still up for grabs.??.. Love it. Interested only if its still availible

  8. Hi Paul is this vehicle still up for sale? Could you return email if still available?
    Thank you

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