BMW 2002 with boost – Holset Style

So last year Max wanted something different for his 1975 2002 BMW so he opted for the f20c. The younger generation gave him the thumbs up for a great build but the older crowd frowned on it. He also went as far as getting an ITB setup coupled with headers and a custom exhaust. Read more about this setup in one of the other posts. Anyhow this year Max wanted to play with boost and get the HP up into the supercar range. Being on a budget and a gear freak, Max custom-built his turbo manifold and downpipe with a spare motor on the side. He opted for a holset HE341 for which he only forked out $250. Not a bad deal at all in my book. That thing looks huge (like a garrette gt35) without the lag. The engine bay was dressed up with some liner spray this year to match the valve cover and turbo. The intercooler was also in black as Max wanted the stealth mode look. We strapped it on the dyno for tuning and it made an impressive 404hp and 246tq on a dynojet 248x. Not bad for 10.5lbs of boost on a completely bone stock motor. Fuel and timing were tuned to safe levels on full throttle however we will still need to play with part throttle tuning for daily drive and idle correction for hard start-ups when the engine is warm. So far so good. A 4-bar map sensor and 15-20lbs of boost may be coming pretty soon to break the 500hp barrier but only time will tell.

Stock f20c with 240 compressions across
ID1000 injectors
91 Octane
Holset HE341 Turbo at 10.5lbs
Stock Map Sensor (maxed out)
Tial wastegate
Tial blow-off valve
Intercooler setup
Oil cooler setup
AEM Wideband
Oil Pressure Monitoring system
EGT Monitoring system

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