Boost Controller and Air Fuel Ratio Gauge Combo

So I’m back at it again.  I went through code and modified it to control boost using a solenoid valve.  I’ve rewritten most of the code that I posted here for this new project.  It’s a rework but worth the efforts.  Here’s the specs of the new setup.


2″ gauge (52mm) CAD design
Boost Solenoid Control based on Wastegate Duty Cycle
Boost Warning LED
Boost Spool
Boost Gain Control
Boost Display in PSI
1.3″ OLED Screen
Air Fuel Ratio 0-5v analog input
Air Fuel Ratio Display
Capacitive Touch 3 Button Menu System
4 Bar Map Sensor (up to 43psi)

This whole new process involve CADing the housing for the gauge and designing the PCB for the components.  A lot of testing had to be done to get it working the way I wanted it to but it’s well worth it.

Here’s the CAD design of the gauge parts assembled. Modeled in Solidworks.





I printed these on my 3d printer (100 micron layer SLA) but it still needs to be tweaked a little for a better quality look and feel.





Now onto the PCB.  I had to learn how to use Eagle because it was a free software and my PCB maker uses Eagle files.  After hours of designing and laying out the PCB, I came to the current version below.  It sports my other website

This is version one. I’m thinking about making version 2 in a square aluminum box for those who do not want it in a 52mm gauge package.


Here’s the PCB board that I just received. This is the back side.


Let me know if anyone is interested.  Once the parts are soldered in and the micro-controller has been programmed, I’ll do a post and possible a video on the unit in action.  Stay tuned.


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  1. I do however I sold it to a company who is going to produce it.

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