Boost Controller for everyone. Version 1 Assembled

Here’s the status on the boost controller.  All components are soldered in and the micro-controller has been programmed.  It’s a working progress.If anyone is interested in this DIY Kit, please let me know.  I’m working on getting things together and operating in a car.

Here’s an old post with the cad design of the housing.

Here’s a video of the  unit in action.

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32 thoughts on “Boost Controller for everyone. Version 1 Assembled”

  1. Hey, i would like to know more about the product, pricing, etc. Im very interested since it looks promising and affordable. Im looking for a boost controller for my street/drift car, and will be good to try something new, thats not just a brand name. You can email me at elchuekorbs13. Looking forward to use the product. Have a good afternoon.

  2. Raul,

    The main goal for this project was to make a unit that everyone can use and to make it affordable (In the $40-60 range). The main cost issue here is the Mac Solenoid and the housing. I might have to make it as a PCB DIY kit without the Mac Solenoid. Users would have to purchase it themselves from ebay (~$30) or use any boost solenoid valve that is 12volts and accepts 30hz frequency). As for the housing, I may just provide a solidwork or STL file so users can 3d print the housing themselves.

    I wasn’t sure how to email you since your email just shows elchuekorbs13. Anyhow I hope you get this message.


  3. Please can you share or send me code for your boost controller? Thanks.

  4. Michal,

    At this time I’m not sure which route I’m going to take on the code. I may develop a commercial product from this unit if all goes well in which case I will not share the code. However if I decide to sell DIY kits, then the code will be included in the pcb kit.


  5. Hi there,

    I am interested in this unit for racing PWC use.. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss this further as I would like to try one and see whether we can use this for a specific purpose that we need.


  6. Hi Paul I would like on of this boost control I have a arm boost solenoid would it work with its

  7. James,

    It depends on your type of boost solenoid. It works with a normally closed type like that accepts 30hz.
    I’m going to change the design and make it better. I just haven’t had the time. If you want one to tinker with, I can sell you a kit but you’ll have to solder the parts and pieces together.

    The redesign is going to be better for future gauge expansion.


  8. Hi, is the kit available? I’m looking to save space by having boost and afr together. I can get the housing printed with a friend.


  9. Clayton,

    I’d say yes for the most part. The new PCB just came in. I’ve changed the design from capacitive touch to 2 tactile button menu system for ease of implementation. I havent thought it out yet about all the cost of the parts and the pcb. I will have to get to that so I can come up with a list price. When do you need it by? I can work on it this weekend if you need it asap; otherwise I’ll be working on another project. Let me know and I can get the pcb kit ready for you.

  10. Cost of a making a complete unit minus value..

  11. Hi Paul,

    Looking to purchase a fully working kit.

  12. Dj Panamera

    I think I’m going to sell a partial kit. The kit will come with the printed circuit board along with the parts list. It will also come with the code to drive it. Please let me know if you are interested. The new board is designed with 2 tactile push buttons instead.

    It will also come with the CAD design so that you could 3d print the housing case.

  13. Hi.
    Couple of guys doing drag bikes and could be interrested in your kit. Is it all ready up for sale?


  14. Hi,
    i love your design project and think you are on a winner here.
    Please let me know if this is an available kit for purchase as yet.

  15. Dave,

    I was thinking about giving the design out and just selling the PCB board for those that needs its. Hopefully this is something that might interest people. I’ve also changed the design a bit and have removed the 3 button touch system to a more traditional 2 push button setup.

  16. Hey Paul,

    What would you charge to program and have it fully functioning minus the housing… thanks

  17. Honestly I’m not sure. I just havent had the time to play with it some more so I’ve left it the way it is. If anyone wants buy what I have some far to further develop it, let me know. I can sell them the source code and current gauge that I have.

  18. hey paul im from argentina im looking to make something like these can yo email me with the price of the product or the code or something to doit i will apreciate here there are not products like that thanks i´ll be waiting for response my email is thanks

  19. I can sell you the printed circuit board and some of the parts that I have if you are interested. I may not have all the parts but I should have most. I can provide the code as well. Email me if interested. paulsvang (at) Hotmail (dot) com

  20. I just dont have the time. Might give it away for free if there are any interest.

  21. Hello Paul,
    I have been looking at your boost control AFR controller and would like to purchase a kit or a working unit. are you still building these and if so how do I go about get one of these from you? I have a 3 bar map sensor and the MAC boost controller. I will be looking forward to hear from you.
    Thanks, Jim Huffman

  22. Jim,
    I started the kit but then a company was interested in it and made an offer for it. It’s currently not available now. If you are building your own, I can provide tips if need be.

  23. Hi Paul,

    Im currently building my own boost controller for my boosted Honda Del Sol.
    The unit that im building is based on esp32 and have gprs modem and gps. It will be internet gateway for the car. Ive manage to make him talk with ECU and get the data I need also upload in the cloud.

    I will be happy if you can give me some hint how to properly configure and control the pwm. im using mac solenoid.

    I will be happy to share my work with you if you are interested.



  24. Daniel,

    It’s actually not hard. You will need to set the output pin to 30hz. Then set it as an output.

    This is what I used for the arduino:

    TCCR2B = (TCCR2B & 0xF8) | 7; //set PWM frequency to 30 Hz for pin 3

    I then set pin 3 to output. The variable pwmPin is set to equal to pin 3:

    pinMode(pwmPin, OUTPUT); //set pin 3 for output to use for solenoid

    Then I send I write to pin 3 (pwmPin). pwmToSolenoid is the value to send to pwmPin. 0-255 is an acceptable value.
    analogWrite(pwmPin, pwmToSolenoid);

    Put an occiloscope on the output to measure it’s output frequency.

    Make sure pin 3 goes to the gate on the FET transistor to control the MAC solenoid.

  25. I want to buy this today but don’t see an option. Interested in the pcb and parts list so I can solder together.

  26. this product is not available for the public. It’s been sold to a company for further development.

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