Crome Tuning – Added Extra Feature (Launch Control, Shift Light, Full Throttle Shift)

Here’s a video tutorial discussing launch control, shift light and full throttle shift that comes with Crome. It’ll give you a basic understanding on how to setup it up.  Hopefully it’ll be useful for all. Comment if you have any questions.

If you want to learn to setup a Turbo Crome basemap, check it out here.

For All Motor basemap, check it out here.

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3 thoughts on “Crome Tuning – Added Extra Feature (Launch Control, Shift Light, Full Throttle Shift)”

  1. What would i need to tune my b18a1 turbo with p28 ecu. I have the chip kit installed, can i burn a blank 28 pin chip with burn2 with the free crome version?

  2. Hey bro, I saw your video about special features in crome launch control and Shift light. My problem is the shift light is working while we are tuning my car after we burn the chip and installed it on my ecu the shift light wont work as long as my launch control. Can you help me to my problem thnks. Btw my ecu is P06 chipped vtec. Thanks in advance

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