Crome Tuning – Setting up a Turbo Basemap

I have put together a simple tutorial on setting up a turbo basemap.  The video shows you how to use the Crome software to create the basemap needed for your Turbo charged car.  If you have an all motor setup, check out this video Crome Tuning | Setting up an All motor Basemap.

If you need the Crome software, you can get one from TunerWizard for a big discount!

2 thoughts on “Crome Tuning – Setting up a Turbo Basemap

  1. hello, this video is very helpful but I ran into one problem and cant seem to find anything online, I am trying to fun a boost map on the p28 ecu I know you went with the p30 in the beginning of the video my question is can I run a boost map on a p28 ecu

  2. It’s best if you ran a p30 basemap and import in the p28 fuel/timing maps if you need those values.

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