Crome Tuning – Setting up an All motor Basemap

I’ve put together a video guide on setting up an all basemap for a honda obd1 ecu.

If you have a turbo car setup, check out this post: Crome Tuning Setting up a Turbo Basemap

If you need the Crome software, you can get one from TunerWizard for a big discount!


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15 thoughts on “Crome Tuning – Setting up an All motor Basemap”

  1. Hey Paul can I use hondatat s300 ecu on crome program

  2. You cant interchange the two. Crome requires the old chip while the hondata uses their own proprietary daughterboard. Also the hondata cal file is not the actual honda binary file that is normally used. Hondata encodes the file and the daughterboard decodes it back before sending the info to the ECU to compute. Hopefully that makes sense.

  3. Hi Paul. So I’m looking for or a burner to use with chrome. What is the burner even called and which chip should I buy? Building a boosted b18c1 and I’m going a buy a chilled ecu. I have many questions haha thanks.

  4. I notice that you used a Moates programmer in your post video. does the Lab programmer work with crome? or does it need to user the Tunerlab program? just curious . would be nice once a map is set up to just burn it instead of loading the bin file to tunerlab then programming it. thanks for the information

  5. The Lab Programmer does not work with crome. I’ve tried to ask for the serial protocols for crome but was never replied to. You’ll need to use the tunerlab programmer to program it. I use both because most of the time, the moates will fail on the verify (programming). I think it’s not giving it enough time for the erase cycle so when it tries to program, it does work. Then when verification comes along, it fails. For the failed chips, I just used TunerLab programmer to erase the chip and reprogram it.

  6. I want to know how to use crome and tuning a all motor and what is the relation between the low cam ignition and high cam ignition mbar table. What is that mean?

  7. In a nutshell, the mbar is just a unit of measure. 1000 mbar equals 1 bar or 14.7psi. Again this is absolute value. I will have a course on tuning pretty soon. Watch out for that. Low cam and high cam is just that. Vtec motors has two cam lobe profiles for each cylinder. The low is for your normal drive. The high cam is for the more aggresive driver who’s looking for a little boost in power. Honda has two fuel and ignition maps. When in economy mode, the fuel and ignition will run off of the low cam maps. When in “race” mode, the ecu will switch to the high cam maps. Hopefully that makes sense.

  8. Hey i watched some of your videos and i have so many questions but firat where can i get my hands on a crome p28 chip for a obd1 H22 all motor base map

  9. Hey Paul what ecu do I need got my jdm h22a and what chip burner and program do I need

  10. Anyone know a good article on tuning ignition tables and base timing for high comp builds after timing has been sync’d. If any of you tuning genius can explain the process in detail the Ignition, comp tables, and base timing on how to adjust them. Example How to add and take away timing, but understanding the process and when to do it. Thank you guys

  11. You’ll need to do some research on timing tuning. I had a dyno so tuning timing was not that bad. Get a good starting point and then advance or retard from there. Things like octane, egt, air fuel ratio will affect the tune.

  12. can anyone share the type r basemap bin file with me? I have a b20v with rc310cc. I can burn the bin files onto the chip. Thanks

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