Formlabs Form 1+

This printer is amazing.  As I’m working on models for my boost gauge, I needed to be able to prototype my models.  This was one of the best printer that produces great quality.  FDM printers were fine but the finish was just not at great as what this printer can produce.  The new brushed gunmetal look goes great with the orange UV cover.  Now I need a clear protector when not in use. I’m sure there are other SLA printers in the market but I wanted one that the community supports.  Formlabs seems to have a great forum and community backing its product so I opted for this route.  All I can say is that the print quality is excellent even at 100 microns.  I’ve yet to try 50 or 25 microns but I’m sure it will be astounding.  Check out my setup below.

Here’s the side view my desk and the printer.


The Formlabs cleaning station is great.  It’s comes with the tray gray spill tray and the containers for cleaning the printed part.


Top view of the Form 1+


The build platform is nicely created with the famous Formlabs butterfly.

IMG_0305 IMG_0304

The orange UV protected build tray (VAT).


Formlabs logo on the Form 1+


Side view of the 3d printer.



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