Honda CN2 port pinout

Pinout of CN2 port:

Honda`s ECU Pin Pin
2 RX send Data from the PC to the ECU
3 +5V
4 TX send Data from ECU to the PC
5 NC Not connected

This port is half-duplex (RX and TX are connected) in stock form. When it’s chipped and modified, it uses 10 bits at 38400 baud-rate.

3 thoughts on “Honda CN2 port pinout

  1. Paul,
    If I decide to use a max r232 (Serial to TTL) for Arduino + a USB to serial cable connected in order that you describes. This can work for data logging with Freelog?

    Thank you!

  2. Yes. Give it a try and let me know. I was going to work on a project to do just that. I’m going to log the data and display it on my gauges. That’s my next project. Right now I’m working on a cheap affordable chip programmer for the community.

  3. I just reread your post and all you need is just the ttl to cmos converter with a sub interface for free log to work. You don’t need the Arduino if free log is used since it will be data logged on the laptop.

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