LCD Custom Boost and Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

When I use to have my s2000, I was going to boost it.  Bought my turbo kit and all but didn’t want it in til I had something to monitor boost and air fuel ratio.  There wasn’t a gauge out there that looked stockish(cop friendly) and to my taste.  I did like the gauge by plx devices(touch screen combo gauge digital screen DM-100) however it wasn’t going to be out this first quarter this year and I dont think it support 4 bar map sensors so I opted to make my own.  With a little help from Arduino, I created my gauge to read from the omni 4 bar maps sensor (also hondata 4 bar) and the factory stock Honda map sensor should I need to switch between sensors for testing.   The Air Fuel was meant to be fed in from an LC-1 through the analog 0-5v output calibrated between 8-22AFR.  This was  simple project however it did take about a year because I was busy working on other projects.  I finally went back to the drawing board with this project about 2 weeks ago and have it working in the simplest form.

Current Feature:

Map Sensor : Omni 4 bar, Hondata 4 bar, Stock Honda Map Sensor ( other can be used as well like the 3 bar GM, AEM 5 bar, AEM 3.5 bar, etc)  I have them programmed and tested already.

Air Fuel Ratio: Uses the LC-1 as an input to feed to the screen

Menu: Currently limited to backlight adjustment and boost warning


The Tutorial will be added in later once I write up the “how to”.  This should make it easy for anyone to have a DIY boost/afr gauge at a fraction of the cost.  It’s pretty accurate as well.

Stay tuned….

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4 thoughts on “LCD Custom Boost and Air Fuel Ratio Gauge”

  1. So did you ever go any further with this? I’m looking at doing something similar myself. Do you have the code out there someplace?

  2. Its working as a standalone for testing but thats about it. I planned to have it installed in my s2000 but then I sold the car/turbo kit and bought an NSX. If you need help with something, let me know. I’ve posted the code for free here

  3. How about if i want to use a LED, the LCD display the numbers is too small for a quick glance.

  4. Sorry I dont plan on doing anything with LED segment display.

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