Orphek Atlantik v4 Gen 2 the Ultimate Reefing LED Lighting Solution

Orphek Atlantik v4 Gen2

Orphek has been around for 9 years now.  They offer a wide variety of lighting primarily focusing on the public and home aquariums. They recently released their new Atlantik v4 Gen 2 model along with a compact version.  At first glance, these lights look very similar to the Chinese black box but while looking closer at the light, you’ll notice the higher quality options, clear front plexi lens along with the rust proof metal side.  All this screams out “high end”.  Check them out here: Orphek Atlantik

Also Check out my Mars Aqua 300 Watt Modification where I modified the LEDs to get better spectrum color for better coral growth.

Here are some picture of the unit:

I just want to start off by saying that these lights are by far some of the largest LED panels you can get for the reef hobbyist measuring in at 24″ x 9.5″.  You only need two these units to cover a Red Sea Reefer 525xl, 625xxl or 750xxl.  One unit works perfectly fine for a 48″ tank.  I have other high end lighting but they are no comparison when it comes to coverage.

Here are some specs for the Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 2.

Orphek Atlantik Light Options

  • 4 Channels
  • Wifi Connection
  • Built in Antenna for long range
  • 221Watt Max
  • Mean Well Driver
  • Stainless steel hanging kit
  • WaterProof Powerchords
  • Programming with dimming on all 4 channel
  • Cloud function

Weight / Dimension

  • Light Unit Weight: 16.7 lbs (7.6kg)
  • Power box Weight:  2.2 lbs (1.02 kg)
  • Length: 27.55″ (700 mm)
  • Width: 17.71″ (450 mm)
  • Height: 7″ (180 mm)
  • Package Weight:25.35 lbs ( 11.5 kg )
  • Package V.W.:26.45 lbs ( 12 kg )

Unit Dimensions

  • Length: 24.21” (615mm)
  • Width: 9.37” (238mm)
  • Height: 2.11” (53.6mm)


Meanwell power driver; the best in power supply!

Cooling the LEDs

The Orpheks offers 4 cooling fans.  Based on what I’ve notice, each fan is tied to one channel.  When you turn up the power to a channel, that respective fan turns on.  If only one channel is on high, then only one fan kicks on.  If all 4 channels are one high, then 4 fans kick on.  The noise level is pretty moderate for 4 fans.


In order to control the light, a required Gateway will need to be purchased.  The new Gateway Gen 2 is available here: Orphek Gateway Gen 2

Connect the Gateway with the provided usb power source and then the ethernet cable to your router/switch.  Give it a few minutes and one of the light will be solid orange while the other will be flashing red.  This means it’s connected to internet and it’s ready to go. One Gateway can control up to 200 lights!

Download the App to get the device connected.

Orphek Offers a mobile device app.  Download the Orphek Atlantik v4-Gateway2 app here:


Connect to the Orphek

Launch the app and then go to Settings.

Under settings, click on “Gateway” then on the plus sign to add in your Gateway.

Enter in the ID on your Gateway to your app.

Now make sure that all your lights are plugged in.  If they have been programmed to another Gateway, you’ll need to erase it’s setting by power cycling the unit 3-4 times consecutively with the plugin unplug method.

When ready, click on Search in the app and it will find all the devices that are online.

Once you see your device in the list, they have been programmed to communicate with the Gateway.

If you go back to the main screen and click on “Quick”, you can play with the slider to test out your lighting.

Click on “List” to see a few presets that are available.

Go back to the main screen and click on “Program” to program your lights.  You’ll need to play with it to understand how it works but it’s pretty straight forward. Leave a comment below if you’d like a post on programming the light.


Reducing Waste

Orphek has taken the initiative to ensure that all old panels can be upgraded to the current version by replacing internal parts and LEDs.  If you would like to upgrade your unit, contact Orphek @ contact@orphek.com

Par Measurement

Now to the fun stuff.  I’ve taken some measurement PAR reading so that reefers have an idea of what these lights can offer.  Keep in mind that the spread is wider on these lights due to the 120 degree lens.  If you have a deeper tank, you can request for narrow lens.

The best deal on Orpheks can be purchased here: Orphek Atlantik V4 Gen 2

The new ATLANTIK V4 offers 14 new types of custom made dual core LEDs in the nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm. It features 78 customized high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs to provide maximum photochemical efficiency.  Here’s a close up.  You can see the dual chips inside the optics!

Here’s the setup. The Seneye Par Meter was about 23″ from the LED. This is the same unit I have. Check it out here: https://amzn.to/2tKrWxw


Here are the Orphek PAR readings

If you want to see the MARS Aqua PAR readings, click here.

Heres an image of the PAR meeting with all Channels on max at 23-24″

Here’s one at 10.5″

In conclusion, this light is very powerful and will definitely be adequate enough to grow LPS to SPS.  With its massive size, it will provide good coverage reducing shadowing.  If you are looking for an LED alternative to ATI T5, this is the light for you.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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2 thoughts on “Orphek Atlantik v4 Gen 2 the Ultimate Reefing LED Lighting Solution

  1. How did you mount the orpheks like that, to the surface?
    i would like to do the same with mine.

    thank you,
    sheldon Jessup

  2. It’s not my pic but it’s mounted to a board and the board is mounted to the ceiling.

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