Shooting my NSX on April Fools

Since the weather was permitting, I decided to take my NSX out for a photo session (cloudy and no rain). In this session I used my Canon 5D Mark II. This one is with a 24-105L lens. The standard L lens. I wanted a birds eye view so I was on a mission to find a parking structure where there was shade. For whatever reason Arden Mall came to mind. The other good factor was that it was a holiday and the shoppers where out of sight. I staged the car quickly and walked up 3 flight of starts to the top. Walked around to the top mall entrance and started shooting from different angles. Below are my favorites for the day.

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7 thoughts on “Shooting my NSX on April Fools”

  1. Hello guy

    Your car is very great and the conversion is very nice! Just one question, are you hmong,
    Because i m from France and i m a Vang. If you want you can contact me by mail.


  2. Vang, I’m hmong as well. it’s good to know there’s vangs in france. Thanks!

  3. Hi, Vang
    I really like your car and would like to know more about the car. I lived in Sacramento
    And planning to purchase one anytime soon…please email me where or when can
    Meet you to look at the car….’Tria Vang

  4. By the way, ever any transmission trouble? In researching, I came up with this comment:

    snap ring issues which affected transmissions J4A4-1003542 through J4A4-1005978.

  5. Steven,

    No issues here. Acura dealer also checked it out. Its good.

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