Simplicity Skimmer DC240

New to the game is a skimmer by Simplicity. Skimmers are very basic in my opinion. A pump forcing air/water/microbubbles into a chamber. The broken down proteins rises to the top and over to the collection cup while the water flows out the side. I’m sure it’s more complex than I’m making but that’s how I see it. Design, water flow, air draw, and bubbles are what’s important when it comes to skimmers. I’ve been looking at skimmers for my Red Sea Reefer 350 and have stumbled across a couple different setups. I’ve looked at the Reef Octopus Classic, Bubble Magus Curve 5 and Simplicity 170.


Here were my criteria for the skimmer:

  1. Ability to skim a heavy loaded tank
  2. Quit in operation
  3. Efficient in power usage
  4. Controllable with a DC pump
  5. Small foot print


Here are some specs from the manufacturer


Reef octopus Classic 110


Footprint 10.6in x 6.75in

Height 19.75in

Sump water level 6-7.75in

Filtration 100g – light; 90 – medium; 75 – heavy

Power: 9w


Bubble Magus Curve 5


Footpint: 7.28in x 7.08in

Height: 18.5in

Sump water level 9.5-11in

Filtration 140g – light

Power: 8w


Simplicity DC 170


Footprint: 6.7 x 6.3in

Height: 18.5in

Sump water level 7-10in

Filtration 120g – light; 90g – medium; 60 – heavy



Simplicity DC240


Footprint 8.3 x 7.9in

Height: 19.5in

Sump water level 7-10in

Filtration 240 – light; 180 – medium; 120 – heavy

Power 9-18w


After looking through the details and talking to some hobbyist, I decided on the Simplicity DC240. It wasn’t on my initial list but it was in the price range since I could get it at a discount. The pump was dc controllable and it’s foot print was small enough to fit in my sump leaving space for a refugium setup. The Skimmer was purchased from a reputable guy named Will (text number 805.225.3725) who was in the business to help enthusiast. He offered great deals on all the items I’ve quoted. I even purchased my Maxspect Gyre 150 from Will for $250 shipped. Best deal around.  Anyhow back to skimmers. I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on Tuesday. The packaging was great. It was well thought out. The pump, quality and fitment was excellent. After 2 minutes of putting the pump together, it was ready to be broken in. I ran it at full speed with the drain on the collection cup opened. I then connected a pipe to the drain and routed it straight down to the sump. Without this, the bubbles would get everywhere in the cabinet walls, equipment, etc. I ran this for 2 days to break in the skimmer.

Here’s the skimmer I decided to go with.  The packaging is well thought out.

IMG_1078 IMG_1077

Here’s the controller. (the one on the right)


Here’s the skimmer in my sump.


I added the extra pipe to drain the skim back down to the sump while it was still breaking in.


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