Sump Configuration

The FOWLR setup continues. I’ve been looking at my cabinet space and with the current 33 gallon sump. Being that I want everything to be contained within the cabinet, my only option would be to replace the sump with a shorter one.   This will give me the ability to house a chiller in the cabinet compartment. Getting a custom acrylic tank was not an option. I want to build this setup on a budget. Most tanks were in the 3 feet range however this would be too long for what I’m after so after careful thought, I decided on a square tank. A 25 gallon 18″x18″x18″ frameless to be exact. I found a used Marineland rimless tank for $50 on the local ad so I picked it up right away. This tank was wider than the current but also shorter which was what I was after. It’s was also a tad bit taller so it should be able to hold a good amount of water.   There would be some customization done to this tank for an auto topoff, pump section, filter sock holder, and skimmer section.

Here’s a quick CAD design of my thoughts.  Still haven’t decided on the auto top off just yet.

sump sump2

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