The return of the RX-7. Namely the RX-9!

The RX-7 was a rare gem.  It was sad to see it go but it was time.  Then came the RX-8.  It was so-so.  Nothing to jump about but this new one dubbed “RX-9” has a futuristic look to it.  Mazda is keeping the traditional rotary setup but this time, they decided to bump up displacement to 1600cc.  This hybrid setup will be focused on green + performance.  The mid-ship setup is a concept but most likely a variation of the design should hit production within a couple of years.  Keep on eye open for it!

Mazda-RX-9-5 Mazda-RX-9-2 Mazda-RX-9-3 Mazda-RX-9-4

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