Viper in the House

Dodge Viper…. can’t complain about it.  The new Viper is a bad ass piece of metal sculptured into fine art.  With a V10 pushing over 600 ponies, it’s not to be messed with.  We’ve seen the past Vipers and have loved it’s history but this new one takes it to a new level with power, styling and efficiency.   The interior is great but does lack the looks of it’s European competitors however the HP quickly makes up for it.  If you’re in the market for a super car, this has to be the one… or at least on the list.   The long hood, short body, front mid engine layout is screaming for your attention.  Engine specs can be found here for those of you who understands numbers.  And if you need to further understand how the 600+ ponies are being tamed and balanced, check out the following link for braking and suspension.


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